Sauce (Side) $1 $2 RED-$1, WHITE (EVOO)-$1, Pesto-$2, Green Chile Pesto-$2, Diavolo$1, Olio di peperoncino-$1, Vodka-$2, Ranch-$1

Sauce & Sides Sauce choice, extra sauce on your pizza, and sides. Choice of Sauce on the pie: EXTRA RED: 12″-$.50, 16″-$1.00, 20″-$1.50 12″ RED-No Charge, WHITE (EVOO)-$.50, Vodka-$1, Pesto-$1, Green Chile Pesto-$1, Diavolo-$.50, Olio di Peperoncino-$.50 16″ RED-No Charge, WHITE (EVOO)-$.75, Vodka-$2, Pesto-$2, Green Chile Pesto-$2, Diavolo-$1, Olio di