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5th Generation Italian "Pie Slingers"-Everything Else is just an Imitation

1512 Paseo de Peralta | Railyard Dist. | Santa Fe, NM | 505-690-0966

Bruno's Pizzeria
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5th Generation Italian "pie Slingers"

5th Generation Italian “Pie Slingers”

Our family has perfected the dough making process that cannot be replicated. Everything else is just an imitation.

Famiglia History

Our Nonno, an Italian Immigrant, was a pizzaiolo using a coal burning oven in Little Italy-NY. When he relocated to Colorado, he was frustrated because he was unable to replicate the dough he made daily in NY. He decided to add IPA to his recipe, with this addition, and a few other tweaks, our Nonno’s crust tasted just like the pies he made in NY. During our weekly Sunday family gatherings we learned how to make the perfect NY Style Pie.

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Bruno’s Pizzeria

5th Generation Italian “Pie Slingers” keeps our family tradition alive serving up NY Style Wood Fired Pies at our permanent location in the Railyard District in Santa Fe. In addition to our permanent location our mobile units are at many local events serving our NY Style Pies, Gelato, and other desserts.

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“The Goat”

Our partner company extends our family tradition to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area at local breweries, distilleries, and special events. Both locations are family owned and operated, serving up our nonno’s NY Style Pie.

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Talent, dough making classes, research?? NO! It is in our blood and our Nonno’s instruction during our weekly Sunday family gatherings-food, wine, & pizza making.

Our dough making process cannot be replicated, it is an ARTFORM that our family perfected.

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The NY Pie

Brick Oven | Wood Fired


“Attraverso il Fuoco e le Fiamme”

When our “KICKED UP” Crust, House made Sauces, and BLAZING Heat Combine, MAGIC Happens. All the ingredients combine, and a Smokey Flavour Develops on the Pizza that only a Wood Fired Oven can produce. The result is the PERFECT NY Pie.


Bruno’s Pizzeria

 Railyard District

1512 Paseo de Peralta

Santa Fe, NM 87501




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